Mark Cooper
Programme Manager

Mark Cooper has been a part of the Leventhorpe team from the very start when Leventhorpe Leisure Centre opened. Mark Graduated from university with a degree in Bsc Sports and Exercise Science. He is also a Level 3 Master Personal Trainer.

Outside of work Mark is a keen sportsperson who regularly takes part in Football and trains regularly in the gym. If you would like to receive advice or guidance in any particular sports or physical activity, please do not hesitate to get in contact.



Grant Smith

Fitness Manager

Grant Smith who joined the Leventhorpe team in August 2015 is a graduate from Bedfordshire University with a degree in Fd Sports Fitness and Personal Training. He is also a Level 3 Personal Trainer who has worked with a wide variety of clients with different goals and experience.

Prior to working here Grant was a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Sales Manager at a different health club. Outside of work Grant regularly trains for kickboxing and is always training to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to receive advice or guidance to further your knowledge & skills in any particular sports or physical activity, please do not hesitate to get in contact. Grant is available for personal training sessions, programme reviews & general advice/guidance.



Emil Brown

Fitness & Wellbeing Advisor

Emil Brown has been a part of the Leventhorpe team for a long period of time, he has several health and fitness qualifications and teaches a wide variety of classes.

Emil teaches Fitness Pilates every week which is a specially designed Pilates class that involves a cardiovascular/strength side to the class. Emil also teaches Boxfit which involves a variety of different boxing techniques combined with exercises to increase your fitness whilst releasing some frustration.

If you would like to receive advice or guidance to further your knowledge & skills in any particular sports or physical activity, please do not hesitate to get in contact.



Elisa Bate


Elisa joined the Leventhorpe team back in 2011 and brings a vast amount of experience in customer service.

Prior to joining the team, Elisa worked as a secretary for a leading pharmaceutical company. Outside of work, Elisa enjoys gardening, shopping and travelling.

If you have any questions or queries regarding gym memberships or anything else, feel free to contact Elisa on 01279721310.



Amy Stevenson

Fitness and Wellbeing Advisor

Amy has been apart of the Leventhorpe team since 2014, when she started her first year at sixth form.

Amy regularly attends the gym herself to focus on improving general fitness and consistently challenging herself with new exercises and regimes. She also has a keen interest in nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle which she also hopes to gain a wider understanding of in the future.

In 2016 she became a qualified Fitness Instructor and began teaching her regular classes of Legs, Bums and Tums, Ab Attack and Express Core.

She’s now a fully qualified Personal Trainer and thrives in helping people achieve their own personal goals and helping people gain more self confidence.

If you have any questions regarding any physical activity or personal training then please do not hesitate to ask as she can always be of assistance.



Dan Smith

Fitness and Wellbeing Advisor

Dan has been part of the Leventhorpe team since September 2014 after leaving Leventhorpe school to join Harlow college. He then completed a level 3 extended diploma in Public services.

Dan qualified as a Fitness Instructor in 2016 and therefore now Instructs many classes here at Leventhorpe Leisure Centre as well as Inductions and Programmes for members. Dan enjoys training in the gym where he focuses weight training and improving his general fitness.

Dan passed his Personal Training practical assessment in May 2017 and is now qualified as a Personal Trainer. He is always happy to help with everything from advice in the gym to general enquiries and is always happy to answer any questions. Contact Dan or one of the team on 01279 721310 if you are interested in Personal Training, Programmes, Inductions or to make an enquiry.



Chris Tuckett


Chris has been part of the team since 2014 when we first opened our Physiotherapy clinic. He has been qualified for over 8 years and has degrees in Sport and Exercise Science and Physiotherapy.

Chris is a keen sport and exercise enthusiast and  is a regular gym goer, he also enjoys swimming, running and has completed a number of different sporting events including Triathlons, Marathons, 10K’s and is on his 10th Toughmudder race.

Chris also works full-time for the NHS and so has a wealth of experience in treating people recovering from joint-replacement surgery, as well as more common ailments such as low back pain.

If you have any niggles or pain you want addressed then Chris will be happy to assess you and offer guidance and help. He aims to get people back to full function as quickly as possible with the emphasis on exercises and active treatment. Sessions can be booked in online or by calling: 0333 305 9783